Summer 2018 Backyard Trends

Outdoor living spaces are really on trend for 2018. Not just any backyard furniture, but truly bringing your living room to the outdoors. Homeowners are turning their yards into multifunctional entertainment areas that can include outdoor kitchens, bars, and even wine rooms! If your backyard needs a refresher, or if you just want to stay on trend, here are some really great ideas to bring the comfy lounge vibe of the indoors into your outdoor spaces

Stone Fireplaces

Stone is something that will always be on trend because it is so versatile and comes in so many shades and textures. A huge trend right now is elaborate built-in stonework fireplaces and fire pits, with stone continuing throughout walls surrounding the area. The aimed for look is as if you literally moved your living room to the outdoors! Very luxurious and elite, these types of stonework fireplaces are a hot trend perfect for those cool summer nights.

Outdoor Kitchens

Keeping with the previously mentioned trend of literally bringing a room from the inside of your house to the outside, another luxe outdoor space trend is a backyard kitchen. Imagine continuing the stonework from your beautiful fireplace into this area, with a large stone slab island, wine fridge, and cocktail bar. Now that is how you entertain!

Oversized Cushions

Luxury is the name of the game! Add some large outdoor sofas to that living space in front of your fireplace with oversized cushions and pillows your guests can just sink into. On a cool summer night, light the fire, cozy into those sofas and chairs and pour a nice glass of red wine from your outdoor kitchen wine fridge. Your guests won’t want to leave!

Alone with a great book or with guests and deep conversation, these updates to your backyard space will definitely kick your patio game up several notches!

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