How to Start Home Shopping for your Large Family

Having a large family can bring joy and spice to your life. However, it requires more space in a home for everyone to fit comfortably and meet their needs. If you are looking for a home to suit your growing family needs, follow these tips to choose the most comfortable options.

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Finished basement or attic space

As your children get older they are going to want their own space, for privacy and having friends over. You’ll likely want to choose a home with a finished basement or attic space to accomplish that. Choosing a home with these amenities can help your home be versatile for entertaining friends or family members. This space may also be ideal for older children who live at home while attending college.

Large Yard

A large yard equals more space for smaller kids to run and play while the older children toss around the football or practice their golf swing. Large yards are also a great feature when having family gatherings. The extra space allows for everyone to be comfortable without getting in each other’s way. If you have pets, it may provide your dogs with the space they need to run, play, and stay in good shape.

Four bedrooms or more

Looking for homes with at least four bedrooms will allow for you have to have two children in each bedroom. Ideally, you can assign bedrooms to the younger kids to share while the older kids have bedrooms to themselves. For an added convenience, at least one or two bedrooms should have access to a half bath to make those hectic mornings getting ready easer and better experience for all involved.

Extra large garage

Having a large garage that can fit two or more cards enables both parents to keep their cars off the street and free from the elements. Large garages may also be used as a play space at times.

For those with a large family, a home with two bedrooms and one bathroom is not going to cut it. You will need a home with as much additional living and storage space as possible. Contact your local REALTOR® to get more information on homes in your area that will fit your family’s needs.