Are Your Social Media Habits Leading Burglars to Your Home?

We’ve all seen the Facebook post: A friend at the airport, she posts a selfie of her and her kids geared up for summer vacation with the caption, “Heading on vacation, be back in two weeks!”

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What’s wrong with this picture is not the original post, but did she really want anyone to know her house would be empty for two weeks?

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your friends and family up to date with your life activities, but if you’re not careful, your check-ins, tweets and status updates could be tracked by the wrong people.

According to a survey done in the UK, more than 75% of burglars admit they have used social media to target their victims. Here’s how they do it and what you can do to prevent from becoming their next victim.


Your settings are the main point of defense when it comes to people viewing your personal information. Keep your viewable profiles to a minimum so that nobody outside of your trusted group of family and friends can take advantage of your details.


An innocent photo placed online to show off your vacation destination can be taken as a confirmation of you being away from home. You should either tighten up your security settings or upload the photo once you’ve returned home.


Choose wisely which locations you tag yourself in. Showing off you being at the airport or going away for two weeks gives burglars the opportunity to take advantage. Use your phones security settings to prevent the wide availability of tags.


Your home address is the most sensitive information that can prevent your home from being targeted. Try not to offer your address or even city over social networks. This information can be followed along with your name to pinpoint the location of your house.


Applications on Facebook will usually ask for personal information as well as your friends list. While not purposely placing you in direct danger of potential burglary, security flaws have shown in the past weaknesses in the system that can expose people to identity theft.

Being a victim of burglary is something no homeowner wants to face. If you happen to be a heavy social media user, use these tips in order to protect yourself and your home while away!