Ready App by Concord Mortgage Group

Ready App by Concord Mortgage Group

an using Ready App from Concord Mortgage
Ready App from Concord Mortgage Group

For years, the mortgage industry has sat in a blast from the past. You, the customer, have waited patiently as you send in document after pay-stub, after tax return, while primitive technology tried to make sense of it all, measured in pages per minute. Enter the Ready App-Online Mortgage application from Concord Mortgage Group. The mortgage process was never designed to give you a delightful experience, until now. Introducing the Ready App by Concord Mortgage Group, a streamlined, digital mortgage process without all the bother.

We designed  the Ready App online mortgage application to make the process of applying for a mortgage secure, simple and easy (some even think it’s fun!). You can complete the Ready App on any mobile device, laptop or computer. We can automatically import all of your documents, so paperwork won’t slow you or us down. And, of course, your data is secure and is our main priority. Here at Concord Mortgage Group, we help people just like you, everyday, on their journeys to home-ownership. We’re here to answer your questions, guide you through the lending process, and offer transparency every step of the way.

Don’t take our word for it, try the Ready App out for yourself! Are you Ready?


Ready App by Concord Mortgage