Pokémon GO Invades the Real Estate Industry

Since its release on July 5th, Pokémon GO has been downloaded 7.5 million times and is set to surpass Twitter in daily users. With all the buzz surrounding the phenomenon, many agents are starting to question whether it could be a game changer for connecting with their millennial audience.

59371671 - tambov, russian federation - july 13, 2016 person hand starting pokemon go application on apple iphone5s. studio shot.

If you’re one of those people unfamiliar with the original concept, Pokémon debuted in the late 1990s-early 200s as Japanese anime cartoons that came in various shapes, sizes and colors. The goal is to capture the creatures and train them to fight other ones

While some are hesitant to the idea, others are pushing for the app’s usefulness in the real estate industry. The popularity of the app can help boost open houses, help buyers find homes in ideal locations and build credibility within the community.

As a real estate agent you need as much exposure as possible when it comes to listings. When preparing for an open house and getting potential prospects in think about dropping some popular Pokémon GO terms in with the listing description. It makes things fun and you can attract a new type of millennial buyer you haven’t reached before.

Once you’re at the open house, send out Facebook or Twitter updates about the location and the Pokémon stops you pass along the way. Make sure there are a number of Poke Stops in the area that would entice gamers to come out. Even if gamers come out to the open house just for a creature they found, ask for referrals, this is always a good way to round up business.

As a real estate pro, you know how rewarding it feels to have your client find their dream home. For your Pokémon GO buyers, show them listings in neighborhoods with game attraction that could help make the difference in another listing. Even if they are unsure about an area, using the Pokémon GO will let them explore and change their mind.

Credibility is one of the most important factors when it comes to gaining the trust of your clients. Take advantage of the increase in people at local businesses and strike up conversation. Not only can you connect with new leads, but keeping up with local happenings in the community helps to brand you as the local expert.

The Pokémon GO madness sparked overnight, however the jury is still out on whether or not it is here to stay in real estate. However if leveraged correctly, it can offer a new way to reach a new audience of buyers and sellers. Using social media and the current trends is a great way to stay in the conversation with a younger audience and get an edge over your competition.