Why Choose Concord to fund your loan? The Origin8 Advantage:

  1. Our only business is residential loans – For over 30 years, our only business has been residential home loans.
  2. Independent Mortgage Banker – As an independent mortgage banker, you can have the ease of mind that your loan isn’t being passed through multiple channels. It stays in-house, with us.
  3. In-house underwriting – Our in-house Underwriting gets your loan closed faster and gets you to the closing table on time.
  4. In -house Processing – Our in-house processors make sure your loan is ready to go when it goes to underwriting.
  5. Find the best rates – We have access to a surplus of mortgage lenders so we can shop for the best rate for you.
  6. Fund our own loans – If we can’t find the best rate on the market, we will fund the loan ourselves.
  7. Loan programs – We have a number of different loan programs to fit your needs, from Conventional, to 1/5 ARM’s, to Jumbo loans.
  8. OHFA – We are one of the few mortgage bankers that carry OHFA (Ohio Housing Finance Agency) products, which help borrowers with down payment assistance and specialized grants to purchase their dream home.