5 Ways to Spice Up Your Home’s Listing

Every home seller’s goal is to make their listing the most attractive to potential buyers. An eye catching ad can be the only thing standing between a quick closing and a house that lingers too long on the market. To stay on top of the competition and at the top of search results, check out these 5 tips real estate professionals say attract potential buyers. hand-174283_640

Be Specific

Descriptive words entice search engines just as much as potential buyers. Use “granite” or “marble” when referencing countertops. For fireplaces, be sure to add “wood-burning” or “electric”. Instead of simply using “hardwood floors” include that they are Brazilian walnut. Your listing will stand out to those looking for that extra special home.

Be Upfront

It never hurts to be as upfront as possible. Potential buyers do not want to search through a listing to find out location or type of home. Load up your listing with vital information. Include “single-family home” “attached”, or “semi-attached.” State the neighborhood and more specifically, the street address within the first paragraph.

Highlight New Improvements

A phrase that can catch a buyer’s eye is move-in ready. This shows potential buyers that some of the larger and more costly renovations have been taken care of. Update your kitchen and bathrooms and then highlight these upgrades with terms like “updated master bathroom” or “new cabinets. If a buyer can avoid costly updates, they will be more likely to take the plunge with your listing.

Mention Neighborhood Spots

If you are curious as to what people are looking for in your neighborhood, Google Keyword Planner is a tool advertiser’s use. It is great for gathering information to understand how people are search for properties as it generates keywords related to your specific address or neighborhood. Incorporating these keywords into your listing can help your property rank higher in the search results.

Is it a One of a Kind Property?

A custom-tailored suit sounds way more appealing than something off the rack. This logic applies to home amenities as well. People love to see “custom” in a home listing. Whether it’s custom flooring or kitchen, buyers will appreciate knowing these aspects of the home are specifically designed.

Check out your competitors listings to see what key terms they have used. If you notice the listing falling behind, try republishing to give the search engine a nod that it is still active. Remember, listings take a few days to show up, so keep checking back to make sure you are in the game.