5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe While It’s on the Market

As the calls for showings come in, open houses are scheduled and the strangers will begin to do walk-throughs of your home. If this makes you uneasy, you are not alone. Being protective over your home and belongings is normal but it doesn’t have to be scary, here are five preventative measures to take that can make you feel more at ease.

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  • Put away valuables

It may seem like common sense to keep jewelry, electronics, and other valuables in a safe place before an open house, but there are still homeowners that will forget. If you don’t have a safety box, take the valuables with you when you leave for safekeeping. Other important items to protect include blank checks, prescriptions and tax documents.

  • Close your computer

Most homeowners store sensitive information on their laptops. Don’t make yourself a target by leaving your computer open while guests are in your home. Your best option is to store with your other valuables in a safe place.

  • Take steps to ensure safety of potential buyers

While you may have gotten used to maneuvering around those poorly lit steps on your deck or loose floorboards, homebuyers will be taken by surprise and could hurt themselves if not properly warned. Remove any clutter from hallways or stairways, make sure your home is properly lit inside and out, and remove ice and snow from walkways in the winter time.

  • Board your pet

The best bet for pet-owners that are having their house shown is to board the pet if you know there will be an open house taking place. Not only will this make your home more appealing to non-animal lovers, but it will also eliminate the liability of your dog biting anyone. If removing your pet isn’t possible, secure them in a crate or safely away from guests.

  • Maintain home security system

Homes on the market can become a target to burglars because of the likelihood that no one is home. If you don’t already have one, look into installing a home security system before moving out. It will keep your home safe and may appeal to potential buyers that are looking for an extra safety feature.

A home is likely your largest investment, so it is important to protect it and any personal items while you are trying to sell. If you have any particular concerns it is important to communicate with your realtor so he or she can be present at the time of the showing if need be.