5 Items You Should Pitch Before You Move

A new home means a fresh start: new paint, new bedroom or even a different take on arranging old furniture. long-distance-moving

But your new space won’t feel so refreshing if it’s weighed down with the clutter you didn’t bother to pitch during the moving process. Now’s the time to do a little fall cleaning and we aren’t talking just sifting through a stack of old magazines while sitting on your couch.

Each of your possessions should have some sort of value to you. If you pick up an item and ask the question “why do I have this?” it is probably a good idea to get rid of it.

From trinkets you picked up at the garage sale to jewelry you never wear, there are many things you should toss or donate before packing up the moving truck. Here are 5 of the most common offenders.

  1. Old Towels and linens

If the last time you bought new towels was when you moved, turn those things into rags and treat yourself to something new. After years of use and washings, there’s no denying your fluffy bath towels are not as plush as they used to be.

Ditch your old bed sheets, too. Fitted sheets lose their elasticity over time and exposure to sweat and oil can leave them with unpleasant smells.

2. Unworn clothes

Organizing your closest before moving should be simple. But we all have those jeans we keep around just in case you finally lose 10 pounds. Or a dress deep in your closest you save in case you ever go clubbing again.

Watch out for those “just in case” articles of clothing. Even if you do lose the weight or get an invitation to a night out, take that opportunity to buy yourself something new that you’ll love even more.

3. Duplicates and souvenirs

You probably started out with just two novelty mugs, but now you own a coffee cup from every place you’ve visited. Try minimizing your collection by keeping only one from your favorite vacation. Also look for duplicates throughout your kitchen.

Only hold on to what can fit neatly in your space.

4. Cosmetic s and toiletries

Like most things, your skin and beauty products don’t last forever. So before you move, ditch your collection of half-used products you’ve accumulated under your bathroom sink. This includes skin cream, sunscreens, shaving cream, deodorant and even soap.

Ladies, toss the nail polish. That stuff only has a shelf life of two years. This same idea goes for cosmetics. For example, replace your mascara every three months otherwise you may be exposing yourself to contaminants and bacteria.

5. Cords and cables

You don’t know how it happened, but suddenly you own 24 USB cables and 5 charge cables that seemingly belong to nothing in your home.

Save yourself the headache and get rid of the duplicates now, as well as anything that doesn’t match up. Take advantage of the moving process to move the remaining cords and cables into an organized system.

Throwing away items can be difficult and time-consuming, but give it a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose and new things to gain!