3 Ways Realtors Can Leverage The Super Bowl for Business

The 51st annual Super Bowl Sunday is almost here! For most, Super Bowl Sunday is a time for screaming for their favored team, while eating finger foods. For realtors, the Super Bowl marks the beginning of “Real Estate Season”. Now that the holidays are over, real estate season is ready to kick-off. Try using this much anticipated event as your own professional kick-off. $_32

Open House

The idea of hosting an open house on one of the biggest Sunday’s of the year may seem like a terrible idea, but it has its perks. Most will argue that since everyone is not a football fan, a good amount of people may still want to view the home. Or, even if they are fans, they may not care to watch if their team isn’t playing. In addition, the game doesn’t start until 6 p.m., giving you plenty of time to host an early open house before people start gathering. The Super Bowl is the perfect excuse to host a one-of-a-kind themed open house.

Pre-Party for Clients

If you don’t know a thing about football, but love the thrill of baking themed snacks, host a party. Most people will already have plans, but you can invite your clients to the party before the game starts. This is a great way to reconnect with your circle of past clients and stay top of mind when it comes to referrals.

Social Media & Blog

If you prefer to enjoy the big game on your HD TV without the distractions, or if the weather doesn’t permit, you can still connect with your clients via social media. Use the Super Bowl as a common topic to connect with clients. Start up a poll on Facebook: “Who do you think will win?”, this is another good way to engage current and potential clients.

Despite the big day, Super Bowl Sunday is a great time to connect with your clients, just as the holiday season begins to die down and buying/selling season begins. Interacting with clients on a more relatable level will keep you at the forefront of their mind when it comes to referrals.